How to contact me

Mailing Address:
      Brandin Hess
      P.O. Box 293
      Caribou, ME 04736

Telephone Numbers:
      Mobile Number: (207) 496-8802
      Google Voice: (814) 580-9390

E-Mail Address:
      CLICK HERE to send me an e-mail using my web site.

While I have several different methods of being contacted, e-mail seems to work the very best for me. There are times when I do not have access to a reliable internet connection, however I must say that I have reliable e-mail access through the Winlink system. In case you are not familiar with sending e-mail to a Winlink user, there is a specific thing that needs to be added at the beginning of your subject line, otherwise that user will not receive it. At the beginning of your subject, you will need to type "//WL2K" (without the quotes) then type your subject. Please view the screenshot below to see how it works:

When sending me an e-mail to my Winlink address, please remember that the entire message, including attachments, must not exceed 120kB. If the message is over 120kB then it will not be delivered. The reason for this size restriction arises from very slow data speeds for acquiring e-mail over HF radio. I use an external modem and my radio to access e-mail. Speeds will vary due to the band, propagation and local noise levels, so the system developers added that restriction which is helpful. If you have any questions about sending an e-mail to my Winlink address, please ask in advance to avoid any problems.

Skype Contact Information:
      Username: brandin(dot)hess

Internet Relay Chat (IRC):
      Port: 6667 or 6697 for SSL
      Channel: #radio
      My username: WB1ILS