A little bit about myself

I am a native of Maine, however have spent many years of my life in different places. The previous ten years of my life have been spent in Alaska. While there is a tremendous beauty to he held up there, no feeling is greather than being able to say that it is nice to be home in Maine once again. What sparked my desire to return to Maine was the need to be in a place that has all four seasons, but also the wilderness and outstanding people. Contrary to popular belief, northern Maine shares multiple attributes to Alaska. The rolling hills, abundant wooded areas, frigid winter conditions and the great people are identical.

Now that I have relocated to Maine and come home I do intend to be more active on HF since the bands are active down here and not as much noise to deal with. I also plan to get my Echolink node back on the air as soon as possible and start playing with that more. I am an amateur extra class license holder. With the amount of work I have put in towards studying for my license and getting where I am now, I felt that it would only make sense if I had the opportunity to give back by becoming a Volunteer Examiner, so I did that. At the present time, I am an active volunteer examiner for the Anchorage VEC, ARRL VEC and Laurel VEC. I do play around a lot with the various digital modes, although my personal favorite is CW.

Thanks to a program called Morse Runner I am able to copy faster than I can send with a straight key for the very first time in my radio operating career which is a huge accomplishment. My normal speed for copying is between 20-22wpm and my speed for sending is 12-15wpm. If you do make contact with me or answer my CQ call, please be patient and go slow with me in case I send QRS. My ears with CW don't pick everything up at times and if operators are willing to work with me and send slowly, your patience would be much appreciated in advance.

I plan to get back into contesting. As of now I am a member of the Straight Key Century Club (SKCC #14229) and the North American QRP CW Club (NAQCC #8521). I thoroughly enjoy working QRP and trying to make contacts with a small RF footprint. As for contesting with SSB and any of the digital modes such as PSK31 or RTTY, I will be active on HF using these modes as time permits. As an added side note to this, there have been many people as of lately that may have heard my call over WSPR and other modes.

If you hear my call on the air, I will verify the contact through my winlink e-mail service. An additional thing I am getting into very heavily now is packet radio. I have been able to setup and utilize some of the various Winlink packet gateways for checking my e-mail via radio which is really helpful since I do not always have access to the internet. I am a proud supporter of the Signalink USB modems from Tigertronics and when interfaced with my Yaesu VX-8DR it works well with packet.

One of my favorite contributions as a licensed amateur radio operator is giving back by teaching those what the hobby is all about by giving license classes to those out in rural communities. With the support of our club and other amateur radio operators, I get the opportunity of traveling to different places and teach amateur radio license courses to those who have a true desire to obtain their license. It is such a great thrill to see the eyes of my students open up when I show them things like communicating with satellites, sending pictures by packet and even e-mail by amateur radio.

Having the opportunity to bring new people into the hobby has been one of the most exciting things for me. My passion for the hobby and my patience seems to work well together and bring out the very best in any person that asks for my help. If I do hear you on the air I will definitely try to say hello, or if you hear me calling CQ on one of the HF bands, don't hesitate to drop in and say good day! Thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear from you on the air.

73 and God Bless de WB1ILS
Caribou, Maine